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submerged 35kv furnace transformer for electric arc furnace
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submerged 35kv furnace transformer for electric arc furnace

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  • HJSSPZ-20000/35
  • Boyuan
  • 8504220000

Description of submerged 35kv furnace transformer for electric arc furnace

Model: HJSSPZ-20000/35

Rated Capacity: 20000KVA

Rated Primary Voltage: 35KV

Rated Secondary Voltage: 230-380V/19step

Vector Group: Y/d11

Body Weight: 22500KGS

Oil Weight: 14300KGS

Total Weight: 44000KGS

Dimension (L*W*H/Lifting height): 4800*4000*5000/9000mm

Gauge(Horizontal/Vertical): 2000/2000mm

Furnace transformer is the power transformer for industrial furnace smelting use, it is special transformer designed on the basis of various electric furnace's work characteristics and operation modes ,which mainly including steelmaking electric arc furnace transformer,ladle refining furnace transformer, electroslag re-melting furnace transformer and submerged arc furnace smelting transformer.  submerged arc furnace includes: calcium carbide furnace, ferroalloy furnace,yellow phosphorus furnace,silicon manganese alloy furnace. In addition, there is also various exchange furnace transformers such power frequency furnace transformer etc.

The main features of our furnace transformers: designed according to national industry standards and different electric furnace process, low loss,smelt of high efficiency,reliable operation and so on. Its structure: no reactor and reactor, also has large impedance and small impedance to meet the demand.

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