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ladle 10kv furnace transformer for steel making
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ladle 10kv furnace transformer for steel making

Electric furnace transformers are important equipment used in industrial fields such as steel works to provide the high current and low voltage required for electric furnaces. The following is an introduction to electric furnace transformers for steel plants:

Rated capacity: The rated capacity of the electric furnace transformer is usually larger to meet the needs of the high power load of the electric furnace. The specific capacity depends on the size of the furnace and the process requirements, generally ranging from several hundred KVA to several hundred thousand KVA.

Rated voltage: The rated voltage of the furnace transformer is low, generally between several hundred volts and several thousand volts. This is because electric furnaces require a higher current to heat and melt metals, and a lower voltage is conducive to providing the required high current.

High short-circuit impedance: Electric furnace transformers usually have a high short-circuit impedance to cope with large current shocks during the start-up and operation of electric furnaces. The high short-circuit impedance can ensure that the electric furnace transformer can provide the required current stably, while protecting the safe operation of the electric furnace and the power system.

High temperature tolerance: Electric furnace transformers need to be able to withstand high temperature environments, because the electric furnace will produce a lot of heat. Therefore, electric furnace transformers usually use high-temperature insulation materials and cooling systems to ensure stable operation in high temperature environments.

Voltage regulation range: The electric furnace transformer needs to have a large voltage regulation range to meet the voltage adjustment needs in the electric furnace process. By adjusting the output voltage of the transformer, the heating temperature and melting speed of the electric furnace can be controlled to adapt to different production requirements.

Reliability and stability: Electric furnace transformers undertake important tasks in industrial environments such as steel plants, and therefore need to have high reliability and stability. The design and manufacture of electric furnace transformers require strict quality control to ensure that they can operate stably for a long time under harsh working conditions.

In short, the electric furnace transformers used in iron and steel plants have the characteristics of large capacity, low rated voltage, high short-circuit impedance and high temperature tolerance. It is able to provide the high current and low voltage required for the electric furnace to meet the high power load requirements in the steel production process.

If you have any further questions or requirements regarding electric furnace transformers for steel mills, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with satisfactory solutions.

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Cooling way:
Winding Material:
Type :
  • HJSSP-7000/10

  • Boyuan

  • 8504220000

Description of ladle 10kv furnace transformer for steel making

Model: HJSSP-7000/10

Rated Capacity: 7000KVA

Rated Primary Voltage: 10KV

Rated Secondary Voltage: 216、202、188V/165、121V

Vector Group: D/d0

Body Weight: 10200KGS

Oil Weight: 7200KGS

Total Weight: 19800KGS

Dimension (L*W*H/Lifting height): 4000*2400*3600/5500mm

Gauge(Horizontal/Vertical): 1505/1505mm

Furnace transformer is the power transformer for industrial furnace smelting use, it is special transformer designed on the basis of various electric furnace's work characteristics and operation modes ,which mainly including steelmaking electric arc furnace transformer,ladle refining furnace transformer, electroslag re-melting furnace transformer and submerged arc furnace smelting transformer.  submerged arc furnace includes: calcium carbide furnace, ferroalloy furnace,yellow phosphorus furnace,silicon manganese alloy furnace. In addition, there is also various exchange furnace transformers such power frequency furnace transformer etc.

The main features of our furnace transformers: designed according to national industry standards and different electric furnace process, low loss,smelt of high efficiency,reliable operation and so on. Its structure: no reactor and reactor, also has large impedance and small impedance to meet the demand.

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